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Now Available | Destiny 16.0

New Features, Better Functionality

Your Follett Destiny® upgrade has arrived.

Learn about all the changes in our upcoming webinar, What's New in Destiny 16.0.

You can also read about the changes here: What's New in Destiny 16.0 [PDF]

Follett eBooks and Audiobooks

A simpler and more reliable digital experience is now available! Follett eBooks and audiobooks use new reader functionality that provides a simplified reading experience and improved support for offline reading in Destiny Discover and Destiny Library Manager.

Learn about the new reader >

Destiny® Library Manager

  • Java architecture improvements for reliability, security and performance
  • Improved process for importing patron pictures at the District
  • Now easier to maintain patron pictures in larger districts in one single load of data instead of having to import at each school
  • Improved support for OverDrive eBooks makes it simpler to maintain cataloging information and single sign-on (with Destiny username) for materials assigned to support classrooms
  • Reconcile MARC records automatically
  • OverDrive class sets support
  • Spine label printing improvements
  • Easier administration and greater flexibility of access levels in large districts
  • Push single access levels from district to multiple sites
  • Improved control to ensure maintenance jobs do not impact daily system performance when adding to Limit Tasks options
  • Follett Digital update
  • Lexile® update job
  • Accelerated Reader™ update job
  • Reading Counts!® Update job
  • Fountas and Pinnell Literacy™ update job

Destiny Discover®

  • Compliance with web guidelines for accessibility (ADA/AODA, Section 508) – VPAT documentation coming soon!
  • Updates to user interface technology to support accessibility and consistency with Collections
  • New Follett eBook and audiobook functionality
  • Simplified and improved reader
  • Destiny Discover app update
  • Incorporates updated ebook reader
  • Improved support while using offline

Collections by Destiny®

Collections is on a continuous update schedule with new features being released regularly. Visit the What’s New in Collections Page to see the latest features.

  • Collection Sets let you organize your resources by topic, unit and lesson
  • Standards tagging helps users find Collections that meet specific learning objectives. Users can select and assign standards to their own Collections.
  • (Coming Soon!) Playlists allow users to present the material in their collections.

Destiny Resource Manager™

  • Textbook management enhancement allows multiple levels for better organization
  • Component management enhancements
  • Components feature allows you to easily group items for a variety of purposes
  • Enhancements to allow more precise tracking of components within resources
  • Components can now be found in search results

Destiny Analytics

  • Performance improvements including exporting large datasets to Excel