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Destiny 15.5 is now available!

Destiny 15.5 is now available! Join us for a webinar on Thursday, February 15, 2018, as we review the enhancements. Learn about all the new features and upgrades! Register now
This webinar will be recorded. If you cannot attend the live event, be sure to register anyway to receive a link to the recording when it's available.

Take a quick look at what’s new!

Destiny Library Manager™
  • Assess automatic overdue fines for lost books that have been returned (after the items were identified as Lost).

Destiny Discover™
  • “You may also like” title recommendations will appear on the Title Detail pages, including those based on author, subject or series.
  • Allow students to see their resource circulation and fine information in Destiny Discover. 
  • Material type and reading/interest level search options will allow users to narrow searches.

Collections by Destiny®
  • The “Featured Collections” tab will include free collections to provide tools for Lightbox™. 
  • “Instructor Use Only” field will allow individual items in a collection to be hidden from student view. 
  • “Report Abuse feature” lets users notify staff of a collection containing inappropriate materials.

Destiny Resource Manager™
  • “Checkout to Teacher” allows textbooks to be checked out to teachers with or without specifying a class. Textbooks can then be reassigned to students. 
  • “Checkout by Class” allows textbooks to be checked out to an entire class - one student at a time, or checked out by student - to distribute a student’s textbooks for all classes, without re-entering the teacher, class or student information. 
  • “Title and Copy List Report” provides a list of textbooks with optional copy data. 
  • “Class Barcode List Report” is available to print a class’s barcodes for faster circulation.
  • For the checkout quantity of un-barcoded items, users can now check out multiple items to a user at one time. 
  • Resource Manager circulation and fine information is now in Destiny Discover.

Destiny Analytics 

District Library Statistics:
  • Drill-Down Library Fines: Quickly see all library fines for the school with one click. 

  • Drill-Down Library Checkouts: Easily report on library checkout information for the school in a specific timeframe.

District Resource Statistics:

  • Drill-Down Resource Fines: Quickly see a school’s resource fines with one click. 

  • Drill-Down Resource Checkouts: Easily see a school’s resource current checkout information. 

Analyzer Data Tables to Be Added:

  • Library Deleted Copies (weeded): Analyze the copies that have been deleted from Library Manager, including those marked as “Weeded."
  • eBook Data: Report on your physical books and eBooks in one location.