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Destiny 15.5 is now available!

Destiny 15.5 is now available! Learn all about the changes in our webinar, What’s New in Destiny 15.5 Watch the Recording

Take a quick look at what’s new!

Destiny Library Manager™
  • Assess automatic overdue fines for lost books that have been returned (after the items were identified as Lost).

Destiny Discover™
  • “You may also like” title recommendations will appear on the Title Detail pages, including those based on author, subject or series.
  • Allow students to see their resource circulation and fine information in Destiny Discover. 
  • Material type and reading/interest level search options will allow users to narrow searches.

Collections by Destiny®
  • The “Featured Collections” tab will include free collections to provide tools for Lightbox™. 
  • “Instructor Use Only” field will allow individual items in a collection to be hidden from student view. 
  • “Report Abuse feature” lets users notify staff of a collection containing inappropriate materials.

Destiny Resource Manager™
  • “Checkout to Teacher” allows textbooks to be checked out to teachers with or without specifying a class. Textbooks can then be reassigned to students. 
  • “Checkout by Class” allows textbooks to be checked out to an entire class - one student at a time, or checked out by student - to distribute a student’s textbooks for all classes, without re-entering the teacher, class or student information. 
  • “Title and Copy List Report” provides a list of textbooks with optional copy data. 
  • “Class Barcode List Report” is available to print a class’s barcodes for faster circulation.
  • For the checkout quantity of un-barcoded items, users can now check out multiple items to a user at one time. 
  • Resource Manager circulation and fine information is now in Destiny Discover.

Destiny Analytics 

District Library Statistics:
  • Drill-Down Library Fines: Quickly see all library fines for the school with one click. 

  • Drill-Down Library Checkouts: Easily report on library checkout information for the school in a specific timeframe.

District Resource Statistics:

  • Drill-Down Resource Fines: Quickly see a school’s resource fines with one click. 

  • Drill-Down Resource Checkouts: Easily see a school’s resource current checkout information. 

Analyzer Data Tables to Be Added:

  • Library Deleted Copies (weeded): Analyze the copies that have been deleted from Library Manager, including those marked as “Weeded."
  • eBook Data: Report on your physical books and eBooks in one location.