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Follett Institute Aspen Participant Guides (2018)

Creating and Using Workflows in Aspen —  Workflows are an easy way to collect data from your students, parents, staff and others using Aspen. Eliminate the paper trail and data entry, and do everything online! Administrators create workflows to coordinate multi-step processes involving one or more users. A checklist allows all involved to track progress. In this workshop, you will build an entire workflow from start to finish.  Click Here to Download our Workflow Workshop PDF

Entering, Importing and Using Assessment Data in Aspen —  You can store assessment data in Aspen for all your students. This includes benchmark assessments for reading at the elementary level, third-party assessments, state-mandated testing and College Board testing. You will learn all about Assessments during this workshop including, but not limited to, definitions, field sets, import tools and other entry methods.  Click Here to Download our Assessment Workshop PDF