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  • November Theme: Using Graphic Novels

    Integrating graphic novels into your curriculum means students can choose from a variety of topics and reading levels.

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Upcoming Themes

  • Coding, Hacking and Hacktivism
  • Teaching Social Emotional Topics with Literature
  • Picture THis...Picture Books to Teach Reading & Writing Strategies

Previous Themes

  • October Theme: Fighting Fake News

    Help your students be more media literate with these titles and resources.

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  • August Theme: Pieces of History

    Engaging students in real-life stories can make history more meaningful to them. Historical fiction brings the stories and action of real people and events to readers. Drop your students in the middle of the American Civil War, Renaissance England or World War II, and they have the opportunity to connect with history in profound ways.

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  • July Theme: Exploring Digital Literacy

    Ensure your students know how to excel in a digital world.

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  • June Theme: Makerspace

    Makerspace encourages students to solve problems, absorb new skills and build projects.

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  • May Theme: Paired Text

    A Perfect Pairing – Fiction & Nonfiction for Deeper Meaning

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  • April Theme: Healthy Minds and Lives

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s an important opportunity for everyone in the school community to learn about mental health issues.

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  • March Theme: Strong Females in History

    Inspiring women are all around us. Women have changed the world for the better. Learn about their important contributions to labor movements, business and humanity as a whole.

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  • February Theme: STEM in Your School

    Encourage your students to be innovators! That’s what teaching STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math – does. It’s all about collecting and reviewing evidence and finding solutions to the world’s problems.

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  • January Theme: Informed Action

    How can you teach students to be a changemaker and promote participatory citizenship? Students are eager to make an impact in their communities, whether it is with the environment, public service or other philanthropic efforts.

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  • November Theme: Alike But Different

    Differentiated instruction can encompass a diverse pool of learners, ranging across gifted students, English Language Learners, special-needs students and average students. Teachers are expected to meet their diverse needs in one classroom.

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  • October Theme: Elections & Government

    This election season, explore America’s system of democracy, how our leaders are elected and why it’s important to get involved.

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  • September Theme: Diversity

    Teaching tolerance and acceptance of differences is critical to social and emotional understanding. Check out these titles and resources that support diversity.

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